PXE Magnesium Clinical Trial FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Clinical Trial of Magnesium Supplements for Treatment of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

Below find answers to frequently asked questions about the PXE magnesium supplement clinical trial. Click to expand or hide.

1. Who is sponsoring the magnesium supplement clinical trial?

2. What is the purpose of this trial?

3. When did this trial begin?

4. How were participants recruited for this clinical trial?

5. What is the protocol for this trial?

6. What are the criteria for participating in this trial?

7. What is informed consent?

8. What will happen to participants during this trial?

9. What are the side effects of a magnesium supplement?

10. Do participants know whether they are taking the magnesium supplements?

11. Can participants choose to be in the treatment or control group?

12. If there is a good chance the treatment will work, why would I want to be in the trial to possibly be put in the control group taking only a placebo?

13. Should I start taking magnesium supplements?

14. Where can I learn about the progress of the magnesium supplement clinical trial?