Toronto, Canada - Goldman Welcome



Hello to all,

I am Samantha Goldman and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am 43 years old and wasn't diagnosed until four years ago - although I had the skin signs and angioid streaks since being a teen. I am healthy to date! I have two sons 12 and 15 - neither of whom show any signs at this point. My sister has PXE as well - exactly the same manifestations as I do.

I take calls and emails from individuals, send information, and encourage them to become members of the organization. It is always nice for these newly diagnosed individuals to be able to speak with someone who has PXE as well. I know that it was such a relief to find Sharon four years ago when my sister and I were diagnosed.

I just wanted to be able to help because she was so kind and helpful to us. Looking forward to meeting you all!

February 2003