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My name is Jackie Nguyen. At 19 years old, I visited a dermatologist when I could not seem to get the “dirt” off my neck. After the skin biopsy, I was diagnosed with PXE and was advised I will be blind one day. In 1991, my young brother died of a heart attack. Through the autopsy, it was discovered the heart attack was from a PXE complication. I had by-pass immediately soon after. During my mid 30´s, I experienced an eye bleed. Currently, I'm border legally blind in one eye. The doctor said it is a high possibility I will go blind in the remaining eye but I'm optimistic about new treatment techniques when the time comes.  

Thanks to internet technology, I discovered PXE International and found more information on the website and educated myself through their articles. I participated in PXE International's medical research by providing blood samples and medical records to Dr. Struk for his PXE research. He is a blessing to PXE patients due to his research dedication. I moved to Frisco, TX in late 2007 and am still searching for a good medical team to manage my PXE. I hope sharing my story is helpful to many people.

April 2008