Houston, Texas Office Welcome



Hello fellow PXEers,

This is Jim O´Loughlin, the Houston, Texas PXE support office. I lost my central vision back in 1998. Needless to say the last ten years have been a learning and adjustment period that I wish no one had to go through. Thank goodness for technology and all the wonderful adaptive computers, jordi glasses, scanners, etc. that allow those of us with vision loss to lead as normal a life as possible. Now if they will only invent a car that drives itself, then I would be all set. Well almost.

I am an active sailor and very active at one of the yacht clubs on Galveston Bay. The club membership has gotten used to me, although I still have to remind many members that they need to tell me who they are. I still don´t recognize faces very well. I serve on many committees at the club and actually served as chairman last year on one committee. Through my group, the Texas Blind Sailors, I continue my efforts to introduce the sport of sailing to the blind / vision impaired individuals. It is challenging for sure and although I have not had as much success as I would have liked, I am making gains. Sailing to me is one way in which I am able to regain some of that lost independence due to the vision loss.

Texas has a large number of PXE affected individuals, but sadly, Texas being such a large state, we are separated by hundreds of miles which keep us from doing social / support activities. Given that, my phone is always close and I love to hear from other PXE affected individuals. There is nothing like talking to someone who experienced what you are going through. I may not be able to give you the answers you want to hear but I can understand your frustrations.

Take care,

Jim O´Loughlin 
Houston, Texas

February 2008