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Hello All.

My name is Mary Montgomery. I was diagnosed with PXE by a dermatologist in 1976, in Kansas City. At that appointment, the doctor recommended that I see a cardiologist and an opthalmologist. The cardiologist said I would probably need open heart surgery in 10 years. That really scared me, but over 30 years later I have not had any cardiac problems. I am thankful.

The opthalmologist noted angioid streaks but no leaks. In 2002, I had a bleed in my right eye. Then, in 2006, in my left eye. I became legally blind at that time. I continued working until October 31, 2008, but it was a struggle.

My family are angels....Dennis (my husband), Sarah (our daughter), and Joshua and Joseph (our sons).

Please contact me if I can help in any way. God Bless you.

Mary Montgomery
December 2008