Massachusetts Office Welcome



Good day to you all,

I am Wendy Wood Hubbard, living in Seekonk, Massachusetts. I have been married to Gordon Hubbardfor 20 years. I work as a General Manager of my family´s fuel oil business. I manage the office, drivers and customer service. My job requires reading, computer skills, etc.

I was told I had PXE over 25 years ago. I had my first eye bleed at the age of 29. It was a battle for treatments, as many doctors did not know much about PXE at the time. Two of my brothers had eye bleeds at the same time. Three of us out of seven children had PXE.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was denied radiation because of PXE which the doctor knew nothing about. I fought the battle and won. I had radiation with no complications. I was told by doctors I did better than most. I educated them about PXE.

PXE has affected my eyesight, but I have regained my driver´s license and continue to work full time. Recently I volunteered to be the clerk at my church. Most people did not realize I was legally blind. This has only been a detour, not a road block in my life.

Nine years ago, after meeting at the Terry's, I could not help enough to find out more about PXE. Along with myself, my family and friends have been very involved with the research of PXE. We have done several fundraisers from raffles for a Beanie Baby in their prime, to dinner dances with over 400 people attending, to television and radio advertising. This has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Best wishes,

Wendy Wood Hubbard
March 2003