Areas of Research

ABCC6 Protein
Research and general information on the ATP-Binding Cassette protein and its involvement in the pathology of PXE.

Assay Development
Articles about the ATP-Binding Cassette protein transportation assay created by PXE researchers.

Clinical Manifestations
News and articles regarding the manifestations of PXE and their effect on the eyes, skin, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and reproductive systems.

Clinical Trials
News about clinical trials currently under recruitment and in progress.

Epidemiology of PXE
Information about the epidemiologic studies being performed within the PXE community and related articles.

Genetics of PXE
Articles related to the discovery of the ABCC6 gene, the gene responsible for PXE.

PXE and the Metabolism
Research regarding the metabolic findings in individuals affected by PXE, such as oxidative stress and enzyme deficiencies.

PXE Animal Models
Information about the creation of the ABCC6 Deletion Mouse and Zebra Fish animal models, as well as articles related to studies performed using the animal models.

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