PXE Research Meeting

October 14th and 15th, 2020

As announced last fall and verified with a Save the Date this spring, we will be holding the PXE Research Meeting as planned. Like everything else, it will be virtual, and not in person.

Because this causes several challenges, we will be changing the time we will hold the meeting. Were we all to be in Philly, we would meet on Wednesday night and finish on Friday afternoon as usual. However, Wednesday evening is the middle of the night for many of you, and Friday afternoon is needed for Zoom training for PXEers attending the lay meeting on the 17th and 18th.

Therefore, we will hold the meeting on Wednesday and Thursday from ~9 EDT to 17 EDT. Exact agenda to be released in early October. We realize this is very early for the US west coast, very late for Europe, and impossible for Asia and Australia. We hope you can pretend you flew to Philly and be on EDT for two days. Think of the money you are saving! We also know that looking at Zoom all day long is its own kind of grueling, and we will be mindful of offering breaks.

Please register here.


We are now accepting abstracts that describe unpublished literature - deadline September 14, 2020. PXE International has led the way in open science policies and we appreciate the commitment of the PXE Research Consortium to this goal, All complete and relevant abstracts will be accepted for at least a virtual poster and some will be chosen for presentation slots of 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Please follow the directions and submit your abstract here.


Event Date

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