The ABCC6 Gene and Gene Patenting

This article first appeared in the October 2010 eNewsletter.
Updated 09/15/2020


History of the ABCC6 gene

Since its founding in 1995, PXE International has been a catalyst in just about all research on pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). When the Terry’s children were diagnosed in 1994, it was immediately clear to them that there was a need to bring the community together around one goal - finding a way to mitigate the suffering endured by people affected by PXE.

PXE eNewsletter January 2020

Thank You for Helping Us Raise Over $1,000,000

Dear friends and supporters of PXE International,

We are so thrilled with the results of our matching campaign. First, we thank our anonymous $500,000 donor. I cried when they first offered this challenge. My second emotion was fear – how could we possibly do this? We generally raise $100,000 in a year! Well, YOU did it! I would love for each of you to look in the mirror, and as my 2-year-old granddaughter is want to say these days, feel your whole self from head to toe and proclaim: I DID IT!!!

PXE eNewsletter - Supplemental - Happy New Year 2020

We are going to do it! Thank you all!

Tonight, all over the world, people pause to acknowledge the end of the year.

We pause to thank you. This year, given the challenge of raising $500,000 for a match, we celebrate that we are within $4,500 of that goal!

Help us get over the finish line.

Donate at the link below or by texting “GIVEPXE” to 44-321 to help us complete this challenge before 2019 ends. Challenge your friends to do the same!

PXE eNewsletter August 2019

PXE International Breaks Ground on Exciting Clinical Study

On August 6th PXE International conducted a clinical study to see if people affected by PXE experienced increased levels of pyrophosphate (PPi) in their blood if they took capsules containing PPi.

PPi might be a treatment for PXE, so this is an important first step. We had a magnificent day with 11 volunteers who gave their time (and blood) to this study!

Researchers Drs. Jouni Uitto and Qiaoli Li also participated in the day (pictured below).

PXE eNewsletter January 2019


Matching Challenge Update!

PXE-ers are killing it in our matching challenge in just a few short months! An anonymous donor challenged PXE International to raise $500,000 this year and promised to match it. So far we have received $309,160 from nearly 250 donors! Share this challenge with your friends and family, help us push PXE International to reach this goal by doubling your impact and having your donation matched!

PXE eNewsletter August 2018

PXE Member Conference Scholarships Available

Thanks to a generous donor we are able to provide a few scholarships to the PXE International 2018 Member Conference. These scholarships can be used to pay the registration fee. If you are interested in receiving one please send an email to answering the following:

1. Why are you interested in the meeting (for yourself, a loved one)?
2. Assurance that you can get to Philadelphia, and book and pay for your lodging there.
3. Why you have financial needs at this time.

If this information was helpful to you, please consider making a quick donation today because every penny counts. 100% of donations go to support and research.