PXE eNewsletter January 2018

PXE International 2018 Goals

In 2018, PXE International will build new bridges within the PXE community by hosting several virtual meetings and a few conferences. We are also in the planning stages of clinical trials that will explore potential treatments for the symptoms of PXE!

Save the date! We are excited to announce our next BIG PXE meeting for you, your families, and friends to learn about PXE, and to network with others!

PXE eNewsletter February 2018

February - What We Love: Staying Active!

Through PXE LAB, Facebook, and email, many of you expressed interest in understanding your leg pain better. Those calf cramps often felt by people with PXE when exercising? That's called intermittent claudication. Intermittent claudication is one symptom almost everyone with PXE experiences, but it's not yet been widely studied.

PXE eNewsletter August 2017

Claire's Cupcakes!

Meet Claire Auth, an inspiring young lady who's been baking and selling cupcakes to raise money and awareness for PXE!

So far Claire has raised over $200 in donations for PXE! Claire's sister has PXE and this cause is close to her heart. What started as a Christmas promise to her sister has become a great force for raising awareness about PXE! We are so proud of you, Claire!

You can contact Claire at Follow Claire on Instagram here

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