Jessica Harper

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Author
Los Angeles, CA


Jessica Harper lives in Los Angeles and New York. She is married to Tom Rothman and has two grown daughters, Elizabeth and Nora. As an actress Jessica has co-starred in films such as Stardust Memories with Woody Allen, Pennies from Heaven with Steve Martin, My Favorite Year with Peter O'Toole and Minority Report with Tom Cruise. She has appeared in numerous TV shows, including AppleTV’s new series, See, and the upcoming FX series, The Old Man. Her extensive theatrical credits range from Hair on Broadway to American Anthems with Al Pacino, at the Long Wharf Theater.

As a musical artist, Jessica has written and produced seven albums of music for children. As an author, she penned a dozen children’s books, including the LA Times bestseller, Nora’s Room. She also wrote The Crabby Cook Cookbook for Workman Publishing. In addition, she wrote, produced, and narrated Winnetka, a memoir/podcast, which debuted last year.

Jessica and her brother Sam were diagnosed with PXE as children. Sam’s twin brother Charlie was diagnosed in his fifties. Jessica's first contact with PXE International was through the website several years ago. The Amsler grid provided in the MemberGram helped her detect changes in her vision. Her UCLA doctor suggested she contact Sharon Terry and get involved in the organization. She attended the conference in Oakland in 2002. She was impressed with the drive, commitment and intelligence of Pat and Sharon, and was glad to accept when asked to join the board. Since then she has worked to support the board and PXE International through fundraising in the Hollywood community and beyond.


To learn more about Jessica's children's books and music, visit Jessica's website.

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