Joe Maas

Treasurer, PXE International
JTM Provisions, Harrison, OH


 Joe Maas was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he continues to live today.

Joe is married to Robin and has three grown children, two sons and a daughter. He attended the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and received a BA in pharmacology. Although he is a licensed pharmacist in Ohio, he has not worked in the field since 1998. He now helps to run a very successful food processing business he owns with his three brothers.

In 1999 his son Kevin was diagnosed with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). An Internet search on the subject brought up PXE International, which he contacted immediately. During the first days, as he came to terms with the diagnosis, he spoke to Pat and Sharon Terry several times. It helped to speak to other parents in the same situation. He joined the foundation and attended the conference in Boston in June 2000. His involvement included financial support and keeping up with current information. While attending the conference in Oakland, CA in 2002, he was flattered when Sharon asked him to join the board.

His vision for the board is to continue to search for a treatment for PXE. His medical education background allows him to follow trial studies and understand the technical terminology used in their reports. This skill will allow him to evaluate the proposed medical studies and help to direct the funds available for research. He is excited about the studies being conducted and is hopeful that a treatment will be found soon. He is also proud to be a part of PXE International because of their work concerning the moral issues surrounding genetic research. He can appreciate the importance of a patient´s privacy and supports PXE International taking a stand to foster political policy regarding how genetic information is handled.

Through his association with PXE International and the Terrys, Joe has come to understand that his responsibilities extend beyond his own child. He recognizes his role on the board is to help people who are currently affected with the symptoms of PXE, and those yet to come.

Joe also serves on the boards of several charitable entities in the Cincinnati area as well as the boards of several food industry organizations.

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