ABC Meeting 2016: Innsbruck, Austria

PXE International celebrated its 20th Anniversary Conference!
October 16-18, 2015  ** Bethesda North Marriott
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PXE International 20th Anniversary Conference

2015 and 2014 webinar recordings available

Title: Tissue injury: An essential ingredient for calcification where you don't want it
Presented on: February 25, 2015
Presented by: Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt University 


Title: PXE Research Planning 2015
Presented on: January 16, 2015
Presented by: Patrick Terry, President, PXE International Board of Directors 


Title: Nature's stone: How the body balances calcification to bones while protecting soft tissue
Presented on: December 3, 2014
Presented by: Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt University


Title: Introduction to the new PXE survey: PXE Health Engagement and Lifestyle Program (HELP)
Presented on: November 24, 2014
Presented by: Sharon Terry, CEO, PXE International 


Title: ABCC6 prevents the ectopic mineralization seen in PXE by mediating hepatic ATP release
Presented on: November 24, 2014
Presented by: Koen van de Wetering, PhD, DVM, Netherlands Cancer Institute



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Mark Lebwohl, MD


PXE magnesium supplement clinical trial
reaches one-year milestone January 2014!

Personal stories from participants, FAQs, interviews with the researchers

[Photo: Mark Lebwohl, MD, Principal Investigator
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, ​New York]


Do you have a

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Pediatric study

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Complete survey, Donate DNA via cheek swab

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Table 2 Outstanding Research Questions - 2012 PXE Research Meeting

2012 PXE Research Meeting

Summary article published in the JID

Lay summary of the meeting


2012 PXE Health Challenge
Keep your healthy choices going
in 2013 and beyond!