What is PXE: What research is being conducted on PXE?

This is an exciting time for PXE research. The gene associated with PXE has been identified and a genetic test for PXE is available.

Other PXE research projects include clinical studies: determining what characterizes PXE, how it progresses, and what changes it causes in various systems of the body. In addition, much exciting research at the cellular and molecular level is giving us insights into how the PXE gene works in the body. There is even an animal (mouse) model of PXE that will enable us to study potential treatments for PXE. And perhaps in the coming years we will see a treatment for PXE. All that is needed is funding - scientists are ready to do the work necessary.

Retinal research is advancing quickly. There are many projects looking at angioid streaks, retinal bleeding and what can be used to alleviate the bleeding and loss of vision that often follows.

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